I joined BDN in 1983 and I am now a Senior Structural and Civil Engineer.

I became a Chartered Civil Engineer in 1982 and a Chartered Structural Engineer in 1983, having graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering in 1978. In July 1993, I became a director of BDN and was responsible for all structural and civil engineering design and in 2013, I became the Managing Director alongside Gary Ward. I have been a senior engineer with a major multi-disciplinary local consultant, a principal engineer with Sedgefield District Council, an Associate with Alan Quinn Associates in Edinburgh, and a Partner with J W Wood in Durham.

I am also an NHBC Registered Timber Frame Designer and a Certified Engineer under the Scottish SER system. Throughout my career, I have specialised in a variety of projects, ranging from commercial, leisure, residential, industrial and health & education. I prefer to use SCALE as a structural analysis suite as a verification process to traditional design processes.

Since assisting the transition of Richard Marsden’s managing buyout in 2019, I have stayed at BDN as a consultant and senior structural engineer. 

My hobbies outside of work include golf and foreign travel and I also love the work of Santiago Calatrava.