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Building Design Northern have been the building consultants for the beauty and skincare brand, The Body Shop, since 2007. We provide Architectural, Structural Engineering and Project Management services to their stores throughout the United Kingdom, designing and managing store refurbishments and fit-outs.

In 2019, The Body Shop embarked on a global refit roll out, with the UK leading the way, opening the first “Workshop” store. The Workshop concept is based on artisan workshops: the ceramicist, printmaker, and herbalist, designed with sustainability in mind. Materials utilised are a mixture of raw and real, representing the true spirit of a working space. The stores use recycled, upcycled and reclaimed materials.

Central to the design is a sink, which creates an area for customers to play and engage with the products. The stores also include a refill unit where customers can refill a variety of products.

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